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Mukesh Ambani is all set to take Jio to the next level of success. He has launched the amazing Jio 4g network, which was free at the time of its launch until later months as well. The Reliance Jio Company has now brought another important phone, which has made news since a long time now. You can now experience the futuristic mobile phone that can access 4g network and easier to operate. It simple phone with huge benefits is what one could expect from this phone. With the amazing features and a 4G accessible feature makes it easier for the users as Jio has taken over the 4G market with a great boom. You can now go for the Jio Phone Pre Booking feature where you can make one of the phone yours. There are several features that the phone consists due to which massive crowd of people is looking forward to gathering the latest Jio Phone Details, which will increase the excitement to own this phone.

 Jio 4G Phone 1500 Rs

You can now go through the various essentials one should consider before ordering the phone. Even though you have some hardly 15-20 days to get it launched will be much tougher, why not get the information of the same now. Begin with its pre-booking, features and launching date one after another.

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Jio Phone Booking

With the latest news of Jio launching the Free Mobile at the 0 rupees along with a set cured deposit, which is refundable soon later in three years. You can now go for the Jio Phone Pre Booking of this phone, as it is available online. Along with the price tag of zero, this mobile is named as a JioPhone. As both Jio phone and Cable TV device both were launched one after another at the rate of zero. This Smartphone with unbelievable features and dimensions provides the online booking availability. Therefore, for now, you can only get the pre-order feature of this phone.

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You must prior book go through the essential Jio Phone Details, as there are many people yet who have heard the news of the phone’s arrival yet have not yet gathered the stipulated amount of information. Online booking hasn’t yet commenced, as it depends on the date of launch which is on 15th August on its trial and the exact launch date is 24th of August. Official links of booking have not yet been socialized, as its launch has not yet been happened yet. You can now pre-book and get the phone shipped at the declared time of its arrival.


Jio Free Phone Feature 

The Free Jio Phone is now slowly grabbing up its recognition as soon as you would get the intimation of the launch of this phone. For which, most of the people have now been looking forward to knowing more about this device. With the zero rate and refundable Rs. 1500, anyone would like to know more about the very same. The following are the features of the Free Jio Phone that will surely make you buy this phone promptly.

  • Jio Applications
  • 4GB storage memory expandable up to 12GB
  • 4G LTE Technology
  • FM Radio
  • Alpha numeric keypad
  • Call History
  • Headphone jack
  • Torch light
  • Contacts
  • Four-way navigation system
  • Screen size is 2.4-inch color
  • 2 mega pixel camera along with the front camera VGA
  • RAM of 512 MB on the OS of Kai and OS
  • Wifi, Bluetooth with 4.1 and GPS systems


All these above features are the same. The phone has other features as well and thus you can use it easily. If you are already, a Jio customer then it will be easier for you to understand the concept of this phone. it intends to start the plans at Rs.153 i.e. with unlimited calling, data, and SMS. Now this will be called as India’s Smartphone.


Pre Book Jio Phone Online

You can now go through the easy Jio Phone Pre Booking details precisely.

  • Initially, visit the Jio free Phone website i.e. or
  • You can create a new account of yours by adding your credentials and personal details by creating a username and passwords.
  • You can now visit the Jio products page.
  • Click on the Rs.0 Smartphone at the products page. Select the phone.
  • You can now add the details regarding your shipping address, phone number, and other essential details.
  • You can now pay the deposit amount by either debit or credit card.
  • The refundable amount, which is Rs.1500 once paid, will be refunded after 3 years of its use.
  • After which you will see the successful booking of the phone.
  • Your device will now be shipped in no less time for the ones who followed the above procedure to add to the registered users.


Jio Phone Launch Date

The pre-booking of the Free Jio Phone begins from 24th August. Yet the date of Jio Phone Launch would be 15th August. The free delivery of the phone would be around the first week of September. The links are not yet officially opened yet they will be opened on the dates given above. By booking this Free Jio Phone, you can also get the benefits of its recharge of Jio Dhan Dhan Dhan, which is of Rs. 309 that would allow you to watch streaming videos for 3-4 hours daily, on its large screen though.


For testing, in beta, the date of availability of testing the phone will begin from 15th August. You can go for the booking from MyJio App and Jio offline stores. To expand the network of Jio the manufacturers are on the go for its rapid expansion which will be taking place in the next 12 months, as it will cover almost the entire population of India. You can now get the latest details about this phone from the social websites that will surely recommend you the best information about the phone.


Jio Phone Registration

On the 40th anniversary of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani Gave so many surprises to their share holders and customers who supported them to create this huge empire. There is no doubt everyone was waiting to know what next is going to be launched by Reliance company. Last year reliance launched JIO network and today just in one year JIO has become the highest grown network. When people started making fun of JIO That it’s going to end after 31st December 2016. Mukesh Ambani has extended the date by 3 Months.

Infect people started loving JIO as Reliance was also promoting Digital Indian mission so people started using it. After creating a boom in the market now Reliance is introducing FREE 4G Phone which will be launch on 15th August 2017 and will be available in the market in September 2017.


The registration process will start from 24th August 2017, You can pre book the JIO Mobile and you will have to pay ₹1500 as security which will be refundable after 3 years.



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